Thousands Of South Africans Buying Kratom Online (Read Why…)

In most cases, pain comes after you get an injury or during a course of an illness. In the case of chronic pain, it can last for several, days, weeks, months, and so forth even after the ailment is gone. In other cases, the pain occurs without a specific reason. According to the medical practitioners, chronic pain lasts for about 3 to 6 months. Chronic pain afflicts your physical as well as your mental health. Also, some pain syndromes result from stress or physical activities. Some treatments may result in pain. An example that supports this fact is the chemotherapy. Most known pain syndromes include:


  • Fatigue
  • Lack of sleep (insomnia)
  • Mood swings like depression
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pains

The most common treatment of pain is through the administration of painkillers. However, certain conditions may result in pain syndrome. In such a case, the doctor requests you to carry out imaging tests to determine the possibility of joint or tissue problem that might give leads to your pain. If this diagnosis fails to bring out the cause of the pain, then the doctor may dismiss your ailment. Some medical arguments reason that pain can come from the brain and spread in the rest of the body parts. In such a case, the pain results from stress or depression.

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For years, doctors have sought a remedy for pain and therapy is one of the treatments put forth to counter pain. But many patients prefer instant healing which is a shortcoming of therapy. Because of this, some patients result to seek an alternative to fight their condition. In the quest for the alternative remedy for pain, humanity discovered a plant called Kratom that manifests pain relieving capability. That came as a preferred alternative to opiate pain treatment since the Kratom portray the same effects as opiates.

Thousands of people all over the world live with chronic pains. Many of these patients depend on opiate pain treatment to curb this condition. On the same note, opiate continues to addict the populace hence the need for an alternative that does not come with many side effects. Recent research proved that opiate kills about 200 people daily in America. That calls for immediate action to counter this catastrophe. A plant is known as Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) that grows indigenously in the swampy jungles of Southeast Asia proves its worthiness as an alternative to this problem.

Many medical institutions won’t tell you about Kratom since medical schools don’t teach about herbal medicine. Additionally, the plant has no medical license and worst still; the FDA does not recognize it as a beneficial plant. The FDA wants the plant put under the controlled substances category. A significant number of researchers and scientists worry that if the plant receives a ban from the FDA, the research process would come to a halt and leave the pain patients without a safe alternative.

The good news is that a non-profit organization: American Kratom Association argue that the FDA’s quest for banning the herb has no basis and the idea should not materialize since it is clear that the plant offers a lot of benefits, one of them is treating chronic pain.

According to the scientists, Kratom binds to the brain opioid receptors and result in relieving pain. For this reason a lot of people practices using Kratom to manage pain where other treatments like opiate medication fail. That has been going on since the Kratom surfaced in the U.S in the last ten years. Currently, the herb comes in different forms like:

  • Capsules
  • Leaves
  • Chewable gums
  • Powder
  • isolates

A number of the Kratom advocates say that the pain-killing ability of the herb surpasses the other painkilling methods in such that the herb curbs pain and leaves you relaxed at the same time. Other pain treatment options leave a patient with side effects like nausea, dizziness, and in worst cases, they may lead to addiction like the case with the opiate administration. That comes as a disadvantage and an added suffering to the patient. More cost faces the patient in curing the newly developed condition due to these treatments. The suffering hits not only the patient but also family and friends.
Beginners-Pack kratom
Kratom provides solutions to critical conditions that other medications fail to counter. One patient named Turner stayed under medication for pain, anxiety, and depression for a considerable period. At the beginning of 2015, moving out of his house in Hyattsville was a challenge. When he read about Kratom online, he took a new direction in medication.  He quit all his pain prescriptions and turned to Kratom. Several days of taking the new medication, lead to a drastic improvement in his health. His mood came to life and the pain subsided by a huge margin.

Another course that may lead to pain is fatigue. Fatigue results from overworking or engaging in physical activities that go beyond your elastic limit. The healing properties of Kratom relax your muscles and eventually make the pain that results from fatigue go away. Many people who use Kratom for fatigue relief experience healing that comes with the advantages of gaining dietary advantages like fiber and roughage. Contrary to other pain patients, those who use Kratom to treat pain don’t fail to attend work since the treatment does not have side effects that other treatments display.

Kratom falls under the category of coffee family. For centuries, its anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-depressant properties have been making it very useful in curing pain. These properties also contribute hugely to relieving another human suffering that relates to pain. Many patients who tried the Kratom treatment on pain in the past found out that the herb is an outstanding painkiller medication. Some of them stopped the previous treatment and adopted Kratom due to its convenience compared to the other medications.

The herb’s alkaloids namely Mitragynine and 7-OH Mitragynine bind to the brain receptors causing the receptors to send signals through the nerves to the pain and eventually relieving the pain. That makes kratom an excellent pain reliever that has proven useful, even in cases of chronic pain where traditional medication may not work.