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Poetry Portal is a directory of worldwide poetry online, a simple-to-use and detailed overview of the fascinating variety of literary productions on the Internet. Select a panel heading above to start with groupings by poetry events, poetry courses, etc. Then use the side boxes or page text links as points of entry. All links have been carefully chosen to speed up your search for the best ezines, poetry sites, audio poetry, literary appreciation, criticism and reviews, poetry courses, workshops, conferences, book news, literary chit-chat and trade news, plus sources to improve your own writing and get it published.

Poetry is a community – a varied and lively community, with very different views of what poetry is and should be doing. Writers, editors, publishers, critics, teachers, the organisers of readings and poetry events all know each other, and indeed have to. Like them, as a poet, literature student or poetry lover, you’ll get infinitely more by mixing with like-minded brethren, exchanging ideas and enthusiasms. The Chit-Chat and Book News sections in particular should show you what’s out there and how to make best use of it.

Poetry is the workshop of language – where the most original, exciting and significant work is being written. A good deal more was produced centuries ago, however, in languages other than English. The Poetry Online panel provides immense resources in this regard, which should help enlarge your aims and understanding. Support for the special nature of poetry is also coming now from research in linguistics, brain physiology, complexity theory and sociology, and the advanced sections of Poetrymagic Help will start your exploration of these fascinating domains.

Resources listed by Poetry Portal are updated as often as possible, but emailing us on things missed will help keep the site serving fellow readers. The Poets in Focus pages are updated monthly. All listings are given in good faith but, being taken from public sources, cannot necessarily represent a recommendation on our part. The graphics are added to provide a dash of colour. Poetry should be inspirational, something akin to magic, and we’d like to hear from readers who’ve found a new dimension to its study and creation.